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Breathless, a band that many Clevelander's consider to be among the quintessential Cleveland rock groups, (along with Eric Carmen (Rasberries), Joe Walsh (James Gang) the Michael Stanley Band and others) had it's brief, productive, blaze of glory from 1978 to 1981. During this time EMI-America Records released two acclaimed recordings, "Breathless" and "Nobody Leaves This Song Alive". The 'records' (containing such songs as "Takin' It Back", "Glued to the Radio", "Walk Right In", "Happy Endings", "My Heart's In Hiding", among others) became local NE /Ohio hits and garnered an international cult following. The greatest hits package, "Picture This" was released in 1993 by Razor and Tie Records. While the public was only privy to the officially released songs, and the new material performed live, behind the scenes there was an abundance of additional songs that never saw the light of day. The band was know to practice 5 days a week, working on new songs daily. Many of these were wonderful songs that the band really enjoyed performing. There was a distinct evolution of the Breathless sound and the material during it's life. The first official line up of the band included Jonah Koslen (lead guitar and lead vocals), Rodney Psyka (percussion, additional keyboards and vocals), Kevin Valentine (drums), Bob Benjamin (bass and vocals) and Susan Lynch (keyboards and vocals).
When Susan Lynch left the band, she was replace by keyboardist, George Sipl and lead guitarist Alan Green. Upon George Sipl's departure, the band found it's final member with Mark Avsec on keyboards and vocals. This was a very talented, unique and high spirited musical ensemble. Now, for the first time anywhere, these 15 new Jonah Koslen songs are available on CD and MP3. Culled from live performances and rehearsal tapes, all tracks are direct, intense and raw; All performed live in the bubble. This is Breathless like you remember them, fresh and energetic.


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